Green Fees – Weekdays, Monday-Friday

Rate TypeFee
18 Holes$29
18 Holes, Including Cart$43
18 Holes – Senior Golfer$26
18 Holes – Senior with Cart$40
9 Holes$21
9 Holes, Including Cart$29
9 Holes Senior$19
9 Holes Senior with Cart$27
18 Holes Twilight 3 PM$25
18 Holes with Cart Twilight 3 PM$39

Green Fees – Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays

Rate TypeFee
18 Holes$61
18 Holes with Cart$61
18 Holes 12 PM (Walking)$35
18 Holes with Cart 12 PM$49
18 Holes Twilight 3 PM (Walking)$30
18 Holes with Cart Twilight 3 PM$44
9 Holes$35
9 Holes with Cart$35
9 Holes Afternoon 11 AM (Walking)$25
9 Holes with Cart Afternoon 11 AM$33

Membership: 7 Day

Rate TypeFee
Individual, Including Cart$1,995
Couple, Including Cart$2,795
Family (2 Parents + 1 Child under 22)$2,245
Family (2 Parents + 1 Child under 22) including Cart$3,395
Twilight including Cart$995

Membership: Senior (Age 55 and Over)

Rate TypeFee
Senior with Cart$1,395
Senior Couple$1,245
Senior Couple with Cart$1,995

The Golf Manager has the authority to make adjustments to the fees based on tee time availability, weather, and historical demand for the time of reservation. Fees shall not exceed the values listed below:


Property owners whose property is adjacent to or abuts the RedTail Golf Club may operate their
privately-owned golf carts on RedTail Golf Club subject to the following conditions, which an
applicant must comply with:

  1. The applicant shall pay an annual Trail Fee of $800 to the Village for each golf cart which fee shall not be pro-rated. The applicant shall submit proof of liability insurance with minimum coverage of $100,000 per person and $300,000 per occurrence and in a form approved by the Village with the Trail Fee application. In addition, the applicant shall also execute a hold harmless agreement, releasing the RedTail Golf Club, the RedTail Golf Club staff and the Village from any liability for the use of the golf cart on Village-owned property.
  2. A Trail Fee permit sticker shall be issued by the Village and said sticker shall be prominently affixed to the golf cart.
  3. The golf cart permittee will not be required to pay a cart rental fee when golfing. However, any passengers in the permitted golf cart shall pay the customary cart fee at the RedTail Golf Club Shop before commencing golf.
  4. Access to the RedTail Golf Club shall be from the permitee’s property. Access through
    neighboring property or through Village streets is prohibited.
  5. Prior to playing golf, a Trail Fee permittee shall pay for any round of golf at the RedTail Golf Club Shop and notify the RedTail Golf Club staff that the permittee is on the course.

    8.03 REDTAIL ID CARD 2017-01
    The RedTail ID Card is free to all residents of the Village of Lakewood and is available for purchase to non-residents at the rates identified in Section 8.01. The RedTail ID Card entitles its holder to a $3 discount off of 18 hole green fees, and $2 discount off of 9 hole green fees. The card must be displayed at the time of payment.