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Please call (815.477.0055) or email ( if you are interested in a permanent tee time or would like to know times that are available.

Permanent Tee Time agreements are available for twosomes, threesomes, or foursomes for a 24 week season.
Saturday groups April 14th – September 22nd.
Sunday groups April 8th – September 23rd.

The Permanent Tee Time fee is $900 for a foursome.  Included in the fee is a Platinum Card for the 4 players on the contract and a 2018 CDGA Handicap.  The Platinum Card allows the cardholder to play for $39 with cart on weekends, and $24 with cart on weekdays.

Weekly Fees for the group will be $39 per player.

Each group is required to have the agreed upon number of players play each week.
If your group is not going to be full, please contact Curt at 815-477-0055 by Wednesday of the week of play.

Please Note – Permanent tee times will not be available on April 22nd, 2018.